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I'm a womens' life-coach and certified meditation teacher, dedicated to empowering millennials (just like you) on how to align with your best self, connect to your intuition + manifest your dream life.  After working in the corporate world for a decade, I know a thing or two about burn-out and, more importatnly, how to beat it!  It took a break-up and a major health scare, to create my life on my terms.. now I'm going to teach you how you can, too.


You love freebies, right?  Well girl, i'm hooking you up!

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Self Discovery + Goals Workbook

Jump into this mini deep-dive into YOU, the ultimate introduction into coaching.  In this 11 page workbook, we will explore all things YOU to give you the clarity to make empowered, personalised choices, to get you out there with clarity + alignment with your goals, starting right now!

Sounds great, right?

Gratitude to Abundance Workbook

This week long exercise book will have you flip the script on lackful thinking + leave you feeling super abundant, ready to start manifesting right away.  Get your hands on my FREE 18 page Gratitude Workbook + amp up your abundance and manifesting powers now!  

Who doesn't want that?

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Life Coaching


Break-ups, strict diets, image filters, crazy thoughts, annoying housemates, broke, feeling lonely, dreaming of travel, anxiety, missing purpose.. you name it, I've been there.

If you're there right now, I feel for you.  In fact, you're the exact girl I packaged my years of study, learning and experience for, to ensure that you never have to feel the way that I did.  I want you to feel extremely empowered, to have a rocking self-confidence, an unshakeable loving relationship with yourself and to feel as beautiful (and badass) as you truely are.

If you're ready to create this for yourself too, then coaching is for you.



in person + online

Thought meditation was all about zero thought and monks in caves?  Well think again, my friends!  Meditation can be an incredible nervous system regulator, really simple breath work and even the start of a spiritual journey.

Let's dive into your practice.

Group Meditation Classes


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