Meditation Training+ Mentoring

Traditional meditation might have been performed by monks in caves, but in our modern day & in our cities, caves and monks are few and far between.  There are endless meditation styles and practices out there, so where do you even start?  This is where meditation tutorials and mentoring comes in.

What is Meditation Training + Mentoring?

This is where we work one on one (or in small groups) to guide you on how seamlessly meditation can fit into your modern, city lifestyle and how to create on on-goiing practice that you can take anywhere.  By the end of this training, you will even be able to pass on your new-found medi skills to those around you who will start asking!

You will learn:

  • How to meditate!

  • Myths about meditation

  • The difference between mindfulness and meditation

  • Various styles and approaches to meditation

  • How meditation calms your nervous system

  • How meditation can easily fit into your modern, city lifestyle

  • Identify the most aligned practice and styles for you and your lifestyle

  • How to create an on-going practice that you love

This training works as a layering approach.  Each session builds upon the last, with each session leaving you empowered knowing you have new applicable skills and a deeper understanding into yourself, your body and your nervous system, so you feel confident practicing right away.

Training can be purchased as single one on one sessions or packages, as well as group training sessions or packages.

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