Before I cracked the manifestation code, I had to travel a long journey to happiness after hitting emotional, mental and physical rock bottom.  I was so anxious, I thought at any moment I was going to lose it.  I felt lost because I knew I wasn't living my purpose and I was so fatigued, every single day was a physical struggle.


I went on to study many forms of personal development, life coaching, positive psychology, meditation, law of attraction, quantum physics and spirituality.  I stuck it out, little by little, day by day, tuning in to my body's guidance, punching pillows, therapy, you name it, I did it.

Since then, I have built my business around helping young women, just like you, to find and deeply love themselves in a chaotic, comparison-driven world.  I believe that we are all here to live out our dreams and, while they take a little work, the happiness that living our dreams brings is totally worth it.

I am a lover of my daily zen (let's get our modern medi on), basketball, Hip-Hop y0ga, beach days, green juice, I'm always listening to Abraham Hicks and gimme allll the chocolate.

To explore how establishing your unique Manifesting Zone can make your desires a reality, enquire below.

Sam x