As you've already read, I started my journey to happiness after hitting emotional, mental and physical rock bottom.  I was so anxious, I thought at any moment I was going to lose it.  I felt lost because I knew I wasn't living my purpose and I was so fatigued every day was a physical struggle.

That's enough of the sob story.. HOW'D I TURN IT AROUND?

I went on to study various forms of personal development, life coaching, positive psychology, meditation and spirituality.  I stuck it out, little by little, day by day, tuning in to my body's guidance, punching pillows, therapy, you name it, I did it.

Since then, I have built my business around helping young women, just like you, to find and deeply love themselves in a chaotic, comparison-driven world.  I believe that we are all here to live out our dreams and, while they take a little work, the happiness that living our dreams brings is totally worth it.

I am a lover of my daily zen (let's get our medi on), basketball, Hip-Hop y0ga, beach days, green juice, I'm an OG KUWTKardashians fan, I'm always listening to Abraham Hicks and gimme allll the chocolate!

If you think we could get our yoga on to Kanye together, reach out below!

Sam x