I really need you to read this..

This week I want to get really honest about a topic I feel we, as a community, need to be talking wayyyy more about and we definitely shouldn't be feeling guilty about doing it either.

We're not taught about this thing, in fact, we're taught quite the opposite. We're taught that we need to put ourselves second so we're not acting "selfish". We're taught that if we take time out for ourselves, we're "indulgent". We're told to not "think only about ourselves" and to not be "full of ourselves" or "vein".

Any of these phrases/sayings sound familiar?

When really, we should be taught the exact opposite.

If you haven't guessed it by now, I am talking about Self Care and Self Love.

And I'm not just talking about #selfcaresunday, I am talking about a deep, self honouring, respecting & nourishing self care practice. The type of self care that allows you to take your life to the next level. The type of self care and love that fills you up so much that, you cannot help but share your light with everyone that you meet.

Self love & care are vital ingredients to living a happy, fulfilling and abundant life.

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We cannot give from an empty cup. So if there is little left of us at the end of the day, we're unable to make a positive difference in the lives of others. As we all want to be giving back to the world and to reach every goal that we have set out to achieve, we can't until we fully restore ourselves to the point of overflow, we simply have very little to give.

So, what does self care look like?

  • Sleep, sleep, sleep. First and foremost, our body need rest and proper restoration. We are all living in a constant state of stress throughout the day, to varying degrees. Put the phone on flight mode and get to bed an hour earlier and if you can, sleep in a little longer.

  • Say NO. No can be a complete sentence. If doing something doesn't serve you at that time, you don't have to do it. We put so much pressure on ourselves to show up for everyone else, that we forget to show up for our own needs. Embrace saying no. Every 'no' is saying 'yes' to yourself.

Burn out leads to stress- in both the body and the mind.

  • Meditation. If you follow me, you know I swear by meditation. Not only does it work, it works wonders. It has changed my life, and I do not say that lightly. Give a 'loving kindness' meditation a go and reclaim that self-connection you once had.

  • Unfollow. With a constant connection to the outside world in the palm of our hands, it can be hard to fully switch off. We have comparison constantly ticking along and we're usually left feeling less-than after we've been on the scroll. Remember, you're responsible for the accounts that you follow. If an account causes you more harm than good, its time to let that account go.

  • Listen to your body. What message is your body trying to send you? How is it trying to get your attention? Stressing out? Maybe you need to slow down. Are you properly hydrated? How is your skin? Maybe you need a relaxing bath? Pay attention to the messages of your body, every symptom has a cause and its likely stress.

The more we fill ourselves up, the less we need from the outside world.

So next time you're feeling guilty for taking time out, remind yourself that it's not #treatyoself or selfish, it's essential.  Want to know exactly where your energy is going?  Check out my free Self Awareness Workbook, did I mention its totally free!


Can we really manifest whatever we want?

We've all heard of the Law of Attraction and 'abundance' has become a buzz word thanks to The Secret and The Teachings of Abraham. But what actually is the Law of Attraction and can we really have anything we want?

Law of Attraction is a universal law, in the same way that gravity is. The basic premise is "Like Attracts Like" and in scientific talk, your energy attracts like energy, or frequency, vibration (whatever word you like to use). For those who think it's just new-age woo-woo talk, check this out it- Quantum Physics

So, technically yes, you can have what you want, or more specifically, you can have whatever you feel.

You see, the way it really works is this; your feelings determine your vibration/frequency /energy, which attracts back to it like circumstances, people and events. Let's say you're feeling grateful, you'll attract more things to feel grateful about. Or let's say you read an email first thing in the morning that set you right off, that then started a snowball into a frustrating and stressful day. Your circumstances matched your vibe. And given we're ultimately talking about manifesting abundance here, if you want more abundance, you've got to feel abundant.

Now, as you've read this far down, I'm guessing that you're ready to start creating what you really want in your life!

So here you go; the manifesting process is:

  1. Ask
  2. Believe
  3. Receive

Now I'll break it down for you:

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The easiest of the 3 steps. We all know how to ask for what we want; a new job, a partner, a holiday.. we could go on forever here. The key is to be as clear as possible about what you want. What work will you be doing at the new job? What qualities are you looking for in a new partner? Where are you craving a holiday too? The clearer you can be, the better.

Write it down, pin it on your vision board, talk about it, listen to podcasts on it. whatever helps you gain the most clarity about your desires, do that.


As they say, you've got to believe to receive. Do you believe you can have whatever it is that you're asking for? Because if you don't, you won't. You can't, it's not a vibrational match. Let's say that you don't believe you can get that new job.. how would you be showing up to that interview? You'd probably be nervous and you would definitely not be feelin' all that confident. Compare that with an absolute knowing that you are worthy of this new job, you're then able to go in and nail the interview!


This is where it can get tricky. Most people stumble on being able to believe in something they cannot yet see. "I'll believe it when I see it " (pretty much every Dad has said this to us growing up.. I can hear my Dad's voice now). We all grew up with the idea of only believing in what our eyes could see. Allow yourself to receive. Know that it is coming. Because why wouldn't it? Only your own disbelief can block it.

When you order from a restaurant, you don't go out the back and into the kitchen to chase down your order. You don't micromanage the cooking process. You sit back and allow your meal to come to you when its ready. This process is no different to that. Ask, sit back and receive.

Bonus tip

Did you know that you're asking for what you want each and every time you recognise what you do not want? Yep, as soon as you recognise something that you do not like, you're asking for what you do want. You're not liking the traffic, so by recognising that you do not like this traffic, you are becoming aware that you do want easy flowing traffic.

Double Bonus tip

If it doesn't come on your timing, accept that something better is on the way, or you're alignment is still a little off and you may need to realign with the faith/knowing/belief that your desire is on the way. It is only our alignment with what we want that is off, never the universe not delivering.


Start to feel grateful right now.  The more your appreciate what is already in your life, the more abundant you'll instantly feel.  You'll realise that you're not without and that you're life is rockin'!  I LOVE gratitude, so that's why I created the Gratitude Workbook to help you take your life to abundant heights.  Grab your Gratitude Workbook here.

Start off with something small like a car-space or chocolate. Have fun with your manifesting. More fun you can have with it, the easier it becomes!

Let me know how you go and what amazing things you start to manifest!  Jump into my Insta, I LOVE connecting with you there.


Sam x


How to get out of Comparison-Town

In 2017, The biggest confidence killer, especially in our current day and age, is comparison.

Comparison creeps into our daily lives more than we are even aware, and it's sabotaging us.

Ever had those moments when you've started "the scroll" and suddenly your life feels like it kind of sucks?

You're currently not in Italy, or on a tropical beach somewhere, or engaged, married, babies... you name it. Or maybe you're not as worthy because you don't have the toned body of someone with an average of 100k likes on Insta.

We're all guilty of this. I certainly am, and on the regular. (Pia Muehlenbeck anyone..?)

Unfortunately, it has now become a daily experience for most.

We're comparing ourselves to, in many cases, something that isn't even real. Seriously, we all know the lighting is just right and the subtle filter adds a little more ab definition. But as humans, we crave safety, and safety, thanks to evolution, lies in numbers. So when we see someone who is getting 100k likes on a single Insta image, even if the image isn't 100% real, we can feel like we are not good enough in our realness and then, here comes our 'less-than' thoughts and feelings. We perceive their 'popularity' as safety, and we want our own.

Now, given social media isn't going anywhere anytime soon, here are my tips for dealing with daily comparison:

  1. Remind yourself that the image isn't someone's whole trut. Yes, the image may actually not be edited, however it could have been literally one of 100 taken that day. Trust me, I know. You should see how many photos are taken when I head to the beach for a little iphone Insta shoot with my friends.

  2. The attention of those who are actually close to you is worth infinitely more than a few hundred (or thousand) likes from strangers on an app. Friends and family are your real supporters, remember that.

  3. If you're feeling a little down and out, reach out to your friends, rather than seeking validation from the net. We so often find ourselves mindlessly scrolling while sitting on the couch, forgetting that we can have real, genuine and meaningful conversations, if only we were to make a call or plans with a friend. Text convos, snap stories and Insta likes just aren't the same, peeps.

  4. Remember the genuine compliments you have received in the past. Your friends mean it when they say that lipstick looks fab on you or how much they love seeing you laugh. You have fantastic qualities that deserve your own attention, so embrace them.

  5. Unfollow. Honestly, if someone isn't empowering you to follow, you don't need to be seeing their oh-so-perfect lives every day. Out of sight out of mind.

We all love a little Insta scroll and double tap and, for a little boredom killer on the train, it can be a good thing. It's important that we remember that it is just social media and not a truerepresentation of real life. Social media isn't a bad thing, it's how we use it that is important. So if you find yourself getting sucked into the comparison rabbit hole, remember these tips to squash that comparison one Insta scroll at a time.

What I believe most teachers are missing

I want to get really raw and honest with you..

I want to talk about the stuff that most teachers don't seem to be talking about.

I want to talk about those crappy, and sometimes down right shitty, times that we all have. Those times when we're feeling alone, less than, like things are too hard or we just feel like totally giving up.

Yep, those ones.

As hard as these times can be, feeling hurt, disappointed or even simply feeling frustrated, are all part of this amazing roller coaster that we call life. I hear you though.it's hard. REALLY FREAKING HARD to accept at times, especially when were right in the thick of it.

But, unfortunately, we cannot have the fun, excitement and adventure without these shitty experiences. So, if you're finding yourself having a rough time (or would like to stash this email away for future use) here are my secret weapons for getting through the shitty times:

  1.  Journalling! Journal your heart out. Get all of those feelings onto the page. Go into those feeling places that you've been avoiding or those feelings that have been too painful to face. This is where your inner wisdom and healing lies.

  2. Talk it out! Talk to your bestie, your Mum, Dad, therapist.. anyone you have a safe and trusting relationship with. Too often we hold it in, in hopes that we can work it all out ourselves. When really, our closest confidants know us better than we know ourselves in times like these. They know and love YOU, even in the tough times, so let them support you. You'd do the same for them in a heart beat! So break out that chocolate and talk it out.

  3. Run/Jog/Walk/Pump it out! Sometimes we just need to get away from our thoughts and get our body moving. Even if you only feel 10% better after working out, that's 10%  better than you felt earlier! Plus, you're burning those stress hormones, and they do us absolutely no good when we're down.

  4. Tap it out! EFT Tapping is life for me right now. I have been tapping most days lately. Tapping on work, stress/overwhelm, dates.. you name it! If you're unfamiliar with tapping, just jump onto Youtube and watch this 'How To Tap' vid here It's basically acupuncture without the needles. Yes, please!

It totally sucks when we're having a really crappy time, but having these go-tos when we're down, can really help get us out! Life is all about the ebbs and the flows, so once we know how to handle them, life becomes a much more enjoyable ride.

Your Missing Piece

Ever stopped to think about what you really want? Like what you really, REALLY want? Those deep desires that have been burning away for what feels like forever. Those dreams that feel SO BIG and a million miles away...

They're the ones I am talking about.

I want you to ask yourself:

  • Do I believe that I can have them?
  • Do I believe that I am deserving enough to live my dreams?
  • Do I believe that I am capable of taking the right action steps to get me there?

I want you to pay really close attention to your answers here.

Because.. I hate to break it to you.. If you don't believe you can have them, you can't.

You see, your beliefs ar everything. They determine exactly how you show up in the world, they direct every single choice you make, the people you gravitate towards, the places you go... all the way down to the food you eat.

How can we take the inspired action required towards living our dreams, if wedon't believe we can even have them?

Are you believing that they're too hard, far away or scary to achieve?

Or, are you believing that all it takes is taking little daily action steps towards your dreams?

Because, that's all it takes! 1 little belief at a time, in the direction of what is possible.

No matter how imperfect the little action steps are, they are all one step closer towards where you REALLY want to be. And, not only that, with each step you take, you are building your confidence every single step of the way! So, which thoughts are you going to believe? The ones that say your dreams are too far away and too big for you? Or the ones that say you can do it, 1 little action step at a time?

I know you can do it, now it's your turn to believe it too!

A Love Note From NZ

At the time of writing, I am coming to you from the super wet North Island of New Zealand and my goodness it is soooo beautiful here! Seriously, volcanos, amazing mountains, the coast line, hot springs and lovely people. NZ is awesome.

I am here with my Mum for a belated Christmas present from my sister and I to her. We fly home tomorrow night, so I intend to lap up the next 30 or so hours before I have to get back to the office on Wednesday.

Today I want to encourage you to take some time out for yourself. It doesn't have to be an extra long weekend overseas, just some time that is set aside only for you. Some time where you can completely switch off from technology and be pampered.

That might look like a massage, or a pedicure, or reading your favourite book.

I want you to really connect in with yourself and ask these 3 questions:

  1. How am I really feeling?
  2. How can I better care for myself?
  3. What else can I do this week that is for my wellbeing?

These are super simple questions, but the answers, after implementation, can change your life.

Our truth can only come forward when we are still.

Otherwise, the answers we receive and our thoughts, are fuelled by stress, pressureand anxiety.

So slow down, breathe and tune in. You deserve it.