What I believe most teachers are missing

I want to get really raw and honest with you..

I want to talk about the stuff that most teachers don't seem to be talking about.

I want to talk about those crappy, and sometimes down right shitty, times that we all have. Those times when we're feeling alone, less than, like things are too hard or we just feel like totally giving up.

Yep, those ones.

As hard as these times can be, feeling hurt, disappointed or even simply feeling frustrated, are all part of this amazing roller coaster that we call life. I hear you though.it's hard. REALLY FREAKING HARD to accept at times, especially when were right in the thick of it.

But, unfortunately, we cannot have the fun, excitement and adventure without these shitty experiences. So, if you're finding yourself having a rough time (or would like to stash this email away for future use) here are my secret weapons for getting through the shitty times:

  1.  Journalling! Journal your heart out. Get all of those feelings onto the page. Go into those feeling places that you've been avoiding or those feelings that have been too painful to face. This is where your inner wisdom and healing lies.

  2. Talk it out! Talk to your bestie, your Mum, Dad, therapist.. anyone you have a safe and trusting relationship with. Too often we hold it in, in hopes that we can work it all out ourselves. When really, our closest confidants know us better than we know ourselves in times like these. They know and love YOU, even in the tough times, so let them support you. You'd do the same for them in a heart beat! So break out that chocolate and talk it out.

  3. Run/Jog/Walk/Pump it out! Sometimes we just need to get away from our thoughts and get our body moving. Even if you only feel 10% better after working out, that's 10%  better than you felt earlier! Plus, you're burning those stress hormones, and they do us absolutely no good when we're down.

  4. Tap it out! EFT Tapping is life for me right now. I have been tapping most days lately. Tapping on work, stress/overwhelm, dates.. you name it! If you're unfamiliar with tapping, just jump onto Youtube and watch this 'How To Tap' vid here It's basically acupuncture without the needles. Yes, please!

It totally sucks when we're having a really crappy time, but having these go-tos when we're down, can really help get us out! Life is all about the ebbs and the flows, so once we know how to handle them, life becomes a much more enjoyable ride.