How to get out of Comparison-Town

In 2017, The biggest confidence killer, especially in our current day and age, is comparison.

Comparison creeps into our daily lives more than we are even aware, and it's sabotaging us.

Ever had those moments when you've started "the scroll" and suddenly your life feels like it kind of sucks?

You're currently not in Italy, or on a tropical beach somewhere, or engaged, married, babies... you name it. Or maybe you're not as worthy because you don't have the toned body of someone with an average of 100k likes on Insta.

We're all guilty of this. I certainly am, and on the regular. (Pia Muehlenbeck anyone..?)

Unfortunately, it has now become a daily experience for most.

We're comparing ourselves to, in many cases, something that isn't even real. Seriously, we all know the lighting is just right and the subtle filter adds a little more ab definition. But as humans, we crave safety, and safety, thanks to evolution, lies in numbers. So when we see someone who is getting 100k likes on a single Insta image, even if the image isn't 100% real, we can feel like we are not good enough in our realness and then, here comes our 'less-than' thoughts and feelings. We perceive their 'popularity' as safety, and we want our own.

Now, given social media isn't going anywhere anytime soon, here are my tips for dealing with daily comparison:

  1. Remind yourself that the image isn't someone's whole trut. Yes, the image may actually not be edited, however it could have been literally one of 100 taken that day. Trust me, I know. You should see how many photos are taken when I head to the beach for a little iphone Insta shoot with my friends.

  2. The attention of those who are actually close to you is worth infinitely more than a few hundred (or thousand) likes from strangers on an app. Friends and family are your real supporters, remember that.

  3. If you're feeling a little down and out, reach out to your friends, rather than seeking validation from the net. We so often find ourselves mindlessly scrolling while sitting on the couch, forgetting that we can have real, genuine and meaningful conversations, if only we were to make a call or plans with a friend. Text convos, snap stories and Insta likes just aren't the same, peeps.

  4. Remember the genuine compliments you have received in the past. Your friends mean it when they say that lipstick looks fab on you or how much they love seeing you laugh. You have fantastic qualities that deserve your own attention, so embrace them.

  5. Unfollow. Honestly, if someone isn't empowering you to follow, you don't need to be seeing their oh-so-perfect lives every day. Out of sight out of mind.

We all love a little Insta scroll and double tap and, for a little boredom killer on the train, it can be a good thing. It's important that we remember that it is just social media and not a truerepresentation of real life. Social media isn't a bad thing, it's how we use it that is important. So if you find yourself getting sucked into the comparison rabbit hole, remember these tips to squash that comparison one Insta scroll at a time.