Self-Discovery Deep-Dive Session [1:1]


Self-Discovery Deep-Dive Session [1:1]


This is your VIP session to personalise your Self-Discovery Workbook findings, to give you the confidence to KNOW who you are at your core, why you’re feeling off-track and to get you on the EXACT right path for YOU!

In this 30minute session, we will:

  • establish what is blocking you and why you are feeling the way you are right now

  • tailor goals and establish measurable action steps, that will actually feel so good to take

  • establish what alignment means for you and tools to get (and keep) you there

  • how to recognise what’s NOT for you, and how to continue in the right direction

  • answer any questions

  • explore other assisting healing + coaching modalities

These sessions are a dedicated 1:1 session, over video (so we can be anywhere!), and I only do a handful of these a month - so this is your chance to experience coaching and its amazing benefits, without the large financial investment.

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